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Silver Millie

Wind-stopper Full Finger Winter Warm Photography Gloves

Wind-stopper Full Finger Winter Warm Photography Gloves

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You’re ready to shoot in seconds. Just flip the finger cap and enjoy full access to your dials without exposing unnecessary skin to the cold. Nature’s best weapon against the cold, Merino wool ensures a fitted and warm glove optimized for handling your photography gear, did we mention, soft, warm and wicks away moisture from your hand? I guess we just did. Now even warmer with a thin layer of high performing insulation.




Fold back two finger tips.
Breathable, comfortable, wind-stopper, and multi-directional stretch fit.
Top grade silicone for anti-slip designed on palm.
Soft and windproof fleece composite fabrics inside, makes this glove more durable, comfortable and warm.
Size: 23.5(middle finger length) x 9.5(palm width)cm, weight: 50g.

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