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Get this Kids Tablet! Five Day Shipping!

This tablet ships in 5 days, so there is still time to get it before the holidays!


What are some key differences between kids tablets and regular tablets?

Kids tablets, unlike regular tablets, include enhanced parental controls, kid-friendly content, and kid-proof cases. Some kids tablet models include a Kids app store.

MQ1012 kids tablet

Designed with kids in mind and enjoy Parent-Kid Time

Kids Tablet is well designed from the hardware to software to be a kid-friendly, parent-friendly, durable, safe, and sophisticated yet simple tool, offers your kids access to a magical world for learning while in playing.

Wide Vision 10.1 Inch HD+ Display

Large 10 Inch IPS 1280*800 HD+ display with narrow bezels and could be offers stunning color and enhanced clarity to make every detail come to life.

Easy-to-use Parental Controls

Limit screen time, set educational goals and curfews, and manage content for up to 4 child profiles.

All-in-one Kids' Space

With access to thousands of APPS.
All kinds of entertainment.

Clear Sound with Defined Details

Features dual BOX speakers to deliver powerful sound without hearing damage whether for music listening, video streaming, or gaming.

High-performance Android 10 OS

This children learning tablet carries the latest Android 10 OS to improve safety. With the Cold Room, freeze the apps that children cannot use and easily unfreeze them when ready. The privacy and permission functions from Android 10 protect the user data.

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